The Bahamas is a state that lies on the Island of New Providence, has a hilly landscape known for beaches and off shores. At Nassau, which is the capital city of Bahamas, you can bask at the pristine white sand beaches, turquoise water and have somewhere to watch the swimming pigs of Exuma. For some clue on the best places to visit while at this beautiful Caribbean Island, here are some places to consider first.

Atlantis Paradise

Are you looking for an excellent place that provides the best sights for marine habitat? Visit Atlantis paradise island. This place has a luxurious hotel with an aquarium, water park and entertainment sections that give the best views for aquatic habitat. It has the largest outdoor aquarium globally. What more? Atlantis paradise offers one the opportunity to enjoy water rides over waves, and for animal lovers, you have a mesmerizing chance to swim with dolphins.

Cable Beach

Located at Nassau, Cable Beach has resort lining along the coastline that provides a classic Caribbean Beach feeling you have never felt before. It has soft white sands that stretch to turquoise water. It is a perfect place to enjoy the sunshine and spend the day swimming in one of the clearest waters in the world.

Ardastra Gardens and Wildlife conservation centre

Need to take a break from the beach? Ardastra Gardens and wildlife conservation centre gives you four acres of Tropical Gardens to do just that. It’s called the home of the marching flamingos. Here, you will enjoy watching flamingos that march in well-organized formations. The garden specializes in conserving Caribbean species, including Bahama parrot and several iguana species. It is an excellent place to visit, especially if you have a family with little children, because they can spend time hand-feeding the friendly rainbow lorikeets as they bond.

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